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Find the latest supply demands for the manufacturing industry

Baja Mak

The most successful Industral Expo in Northwest Mexico.

Expo BajaMak

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The trade show that strengthens the value chain.





BajaMak reaches its 12th edition this year, and reaffirms itself as the business forum leader for excellence in Baja California and northwestern Mexico. It’s been 12 years of strengthening manufacturing chain together. Join us. Confirm your participation today.






BajaMak was born with the mission to attract and strengthen local, regional and international supply networks that may support Industrial Sectors in Baja California. BajaMak is the only event that provides the opportunity to learn and meet manufacturing processes and the raw material needs of the industry. It looks for a platform where regional “tractor” companies can have the possibility to exhibit their demand based on the supply of products and services from potential national and international suppliers.

BajaMak has become a key event to promote products and services in the industrial sector. Given the high level of visitors where all are decision makers     


      * 10' X 10' booth

          1 Table (clothed) - chairs - one 110v power outlet

          1 Trash can - 1 company name banner (text only).   

      *  Your company listed in the event's printed guide

      *  Direct access to buyers from the

               - Electonics.

               - Metalmechanical.

               - Medical Devices.

               - Aerospace.

               - Automotive and other diverse industries.


              $ 850.00 Dlls

as Exhibitor  


Commercial terms:

                  * Prices are in Us Dollars and sales tax applies.      

 Ask about available Sponsorship Opportunities.


To register as a sponsor at BajaMak, participant acquires additional benefits ensuring greater exposure of your company before and after the event. The objective of the sponsor option is to guarantee our clients a successful participation and a return on their investment. 


Learn about the benefits of being a sponsor, in its different levels.


Gold Sponsors. 


24' X 24' Exhibition space on preferential location - includes 4 tables, 8 chairs and 110v electrical outlet.

Company logo on website and BajaMak email newsletter.

Article on website.

Full color, full page ad on printed BajaMak Exhibitor's Guide.

ompany logo on BajaMak printed materials.



  $ 6,000 Dlls        ¿Ready to ParticipateGold Sponsors. 


Silver Sponsors.


Two 20' X 10' booths on preferential location - includes 2 tables, 4 chairs and 110v electrical outlet.

*  Upgrade to a 24' X 12' exhibition space for just $ 300.00 Dlls more.

Company logo on website.

Article  on website.

Full page ad (black and white) on printed BajaMak Exhibitor's Guide.



   $ 3,350 Dlls       ¿Ready to ParticipateSilver Sponsors. 



Bronze Sponsors.


12' X 10' booth on preferential location - includes 1 table, 2 chairs and 110v electrical outlet.

* Upgrade to a 12' X 12" exhibitor space for just $150.00 Dlls more.

Article on website.

Half page ad (black and white) on printed BajaMak Exhibitor's Guide.



 $ 1,950 Dlls          ¿Rady to Participate?  Bronze Sponsors.

Base Sponsors.


 12' X 10' booth on preferential location (ask for more details).

 - Includes 1 table, 2 chairs and 110v electrical outlet.

 Article on website.

 Half page ad (black and white) on printed BajaMak Exhibitor's Guide


   $ 1,450 Dlls       ¿Rady to Participate? Base Sponsors. 





               * Prices are in Us Dollars and are subject to sales tax.

               * Booth on preferential location are subject to availability.

               * Benefits included in sponsorship packages are not subject to trade of any kind and must be used prior to December 31, 2013.



               * Cancellations up to 45 days prior to the event entitle you to only a 50% refund on any payment made.   

               * Cancellations up to 30 days prior to the event get no refund at all on any payment made.

Buyer Industry

Participate as Buyer Industry 



If the Company you which to register is a manufacturer or is in the process of developing new suppliers, BajaMak is the ideal space where you can contact new clients for your supply value chain. Participate at the expo and showcase your Company’s buying needs. Automotive, metal mechanics, medical devices, aerospace, electronics, food and beverage, alternative energies, among others are the welcomed sectors.

¡Confirm your participation as Buyer Industry!


 10' X 10' booth

* The booth, Includes:  
   - 1 table (clothed).         
   - 2 chairs.  
   - One 110v. power outlet  
   - 1 company name banner (text only).     


Your company listed in the event's printed guide

 $ 345.00  dlls.

 Register as  Buyer Industry



The most successful Industral Expo in Northwest Mexico.

This year 2017, we will celebrate BajaMak’s 12th. Edition with the industry and suppliers, with a participation of over 200 companies that seek to raise the level of integration in it’s manufacturing chain.

Within time, BajaMak has become a more important forum in the northeastern area of Mexico, offering the opportunity to meet in a one-day exposure, the best products and services for the industry. 

Confirm your participation today!



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